How Dealers Value Your Trade In Cookeville, TN


There are lots of ways to make car buying more affordable, and one of the most commonly-used tools by consumers is the trade-in. Not only does this help you afford your purchase, though, but it takes away the added burden of selling your vehicle to a private seller. Here at Overdrive USA, we're all about making the purchasing process as easy for you as possible, so keep reading to learn more!


  1. Your Vehicle’s Condition

    Basically, the less we have to do to your trade-in (repairs, cleaning, paint job etc.), the more valuable it is to us. That means you’ll want to detail, or at least wash and vacuum your vehicle before bringing it in for a quote. Try to fix scratches and other minor flaws, as well, so that your vehicle will look as good as new when you bring it in to the dealership.
  2. Our Current Inventory

    The value we place on your vehicle also depends on our current inventory. For example, if we have several vehicles in stock that are similar to yours and have not sold, then we'll most likely quote you a lower trade-in price. However, if we think your vehicle is in high demand, we'll most likely be able to quote you a higher trade-in value.
  3. So Why Trade-In Your Vehicle?

    Maybe at this point you're wondering why trading in your vehicle is preferable to just selling it to a private party or dealership. However, if you've ever sold a vehicle before, you know just how complicated it can be. From scheduling inspections and test drives to negotiating with stubborn buyers, the whole process can be a hassle. If you want to make things easier, just click below to determine the value of your vehicle.

If you have any more questions about trading in your vehicle, give us a call or drop by Overdrive USA at 1510 Interstate Dr, Cookeville, TN 38501. We look forward to serving our customers from Crossville and Sparta!